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Hello, and welcome to the Eye Guy website. My name is Nishan and I am the owner and principle Optometrist Fourways at your service at The Eye Guy here in Fourways, Sandton, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. What I would love to do for you is to help you understand why your eyes are so important to your health. The eyes are neglected and abused everyday till we cannot see properly anymore or we need glasses.

I have a passion for educating people on eye health and love helping everyone to look good and see better with whatever vision needs they require. So you might be wanting your first pair of eyeglasses, a pair of contact lenses or maybe your want to customise your sport sunglasses with prescription lenses to see better. Well guess what? An optometrist can help you with those vision needs and more.

You need to take care of your eyes as you only get one pair in your lifetime. So you should get an eye examination which you can at Pineslopes Optometrists or at least get the very basic free vision screening, so you know how healthy your eyes really are.

Again I hope Pineslopes Optometrists can help you with your vision an optical needs and there will be plenty of information coming in the near future on eye health in our blog. In the meantime, you can read some more about the what is an optometristeye productseye health services or how to find Pineslopes Optometrists right here.

Oh and one last added bonus, again, I want you to have  healthy vision and eyes. So if you have a question about your eyes or glasses needs, then please let me at least try get you to see an optometrist or an opthalmologist who can help you. We look forward to seeing you at Pineslopes Optometrists.


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Remember give us a call at Pineslopes Optometrist for any eye needs on 011 465 4028/9

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