What Teens and Parents Need To Know About Contact Lenses

Do you want contact lenses but your parents need convincing? Most parents are skeptical about contact lenses because:

  • They have never worn them and know nothing about them,

  • Or they previously used contact lenses but don’t anymore. In this case they might have some out of date ideas. Contact lenses used to be less comfortable and much harder to take care of in the past.
  • Or your parents wear contacts now, but they may wonder if contacts are safe for a younger person.

What Teens and Parents Need To Know About Contact Lenses

Here are some common questions I get asked about contact lenses:

How old do you have to be to wear contact lenses?

There is no age limit. Babies can wear them, and so can seniors. Most optometrists will encourage contact lenses from the age of 8 years. You just need to be responsible enough to take care of them.

Why not just wear glasses?

Teen are self-conscious, and often feel more attractive and accepted if they don’t have a pair of glasses in front of their eyes. Contact lenses give you greater self-esteem and you feel more at ease around others. They also offer a great advantage with all types of sport.

How much care do contact lenses require?

All you need is one bottle of multipurpose solution and a case. Certain types of contacts like dailies don’t need to be cleaned because you will throw them away at the end of the day.

Do you need a prescription to get contact lenses?

Yes. A contact lens is a medical device and it must be fitted properly on the eye. If not, serious eye infections can occur. This is true even for colour or cosmetic contact lenses. This is why they must be fitted by an optometrist, who will measure the proper size, shape and power of the lenses.

If I have astigmatism or a strong prescription, do I have to wear glasses instead?

Not anymore. These days, contact lens designs are able to correct all types of vision problems including astigmatism.

Are contact lenses comfortable?

Modern lenses are very soft and you don’t even realize that they are in your eyes. Also, your optometrist has specialized equipment to measure your eyes and make sure the lenses fit comfortably.

What about colour contacts?

These colour contact lenses are fun and safe, just as long as they have been fitted and prescribed by an optometrist. Never buy them online or anywhere else without a prescription. And never share them with your friends. Serious eye infections can be passed along this way.

What if contact lenses just don’t work out?

Sometimes, your optometrist may feel that contact lenses are not the best option for you now, but it may be in a year or so. If this is the case, you can always go back to wearing glasses and re-try contacts later on.

So educate your parents today and they might want contact lenses for themselves and for you!

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